About the Designer

Fashion Designer, Tess Mann, with her husband, Joe Mann.

The Designer - Tess Mann

"I have always had an affinity for luxury, couture apparel, and began designing gowns as far back as 1981 during my first pageant experiences. Through the years as I followed the wedding industry, I found many of the standard, mass produced wedding dress designs offered in the U.S. fell flat on originality.  Every season, I kept seeing the same designs over and over and they didn't keep up with the high level of European fashion.  So, in 2013, I decided to create my own label, Couture By Tess, specifically  focusing on wedding dresses, thereby Couture By Tess Bridal, In 2014, I registered with the State of Tennessee and the IRS to establish my Bridal Boutique- Midsouth Wedding Gown Sales & Rentals, so that the public could shop for luxury wedding dresses in Memphis, TN. Here, I can display my designs on a small level to the excited brides searching for something different. I draft my own designs as well as work diligently with Bruce Xia Couture Designs & Bruce Xia for Couture By Tess to create unique wedding gowns offered exclusively through Midsouth Wedding Gown Sales and Rentals.  Be inspired by the Great Age of Hollywood, Renaissance era designs or the pure luxury of extravagant ballgowns suited for the Royal Queen in all of us.

- Tess xo

The Label

 The Couture by Tess label is the brainchild of Tess Mann, Owner and Operator of Midsouth Wedding Gown Sales & Rentals.  Tess has always had an affinity for luxury, couture apparel and fabrics and started her own label, Couture by Tess, in 2013, with her first samples released in 2015.  She works diligently with Bruce Xia Designs & Bruce Xia for Couture By Tess to create her own label exclusively sold through Midsouth Wedding Gown Sales and Rentals.

BRUCE XIA - Bruce is an exceptionally talented young man and Master Designer for Bruxe Xia Couture as well as Bruce Xia for the Couture By Tess Bridal Collection.  Tess is proud to call him partner.  Bruce travels all over the world to find high quality fabrics at affordable prices for our brides.  His lace designs, selections and placement, as well as truly elegant, original vintage designed inspirations are surpassed only with his beautiful beading. Bruce and Tess work very closely in creating and executing the Couture by Tess and Bruce Xia for Couture by Tess labels.

Couture By Tess Bridal - Partner Designers & Suppliers for Midsouth Wedding Gown Sales & Rentals: 

Another major piece of the Couture by Tess Bridal Collection is Serena, maker and marketer.  Serena is a fantastic supplier and partner. Although not a designer, she owns her shop and provides several collections from her own company label, Nanwuji Bridal, to add to the Couture By Tess Bridal Collection of exquisite wedding dresses.  Our Husband & Wife team, Vicky & Aron, supply some of the most magnificent ballgowns to add to the luxury designs at Misouth Wedding Gown Sales & Rentals.

The Atelier

The Couture by Tess Bridal label is designed in Tess' atelier, which doubles as her own bridal salon, Midsouth Wedding Gown Sales and Rentals.  Each design starts with an illustration and is taken to conception with the collaboration of Bruce Xia.  The atelier is located in Collierville, Tennessee, just outside the Memphis metropolitan area.

Purchase or Rent

In an effort to create a couture line that is attainable to every modern bride, the Couture by Tess Bridal label offers affordable prices on several designs.   If a client would like to rent a luxury couture design instead of purchasing, there are again, several designs available as rentals, although a purchase may be better suited for your needs.